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not for the faint of heart.

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About Us:
For the most part, you need to be invited into this community. It is a generally private community for the purpose of weeding out the 'fakers', icon/poetry/stories 'stealers', etc. to make your experience here fulfilling and enjoyable.
However, if you think this is the correct community for you, let us know by e-mail or by posting a comment on the "Members Only" entry (please ignore the "Do not comment here"). If you were invited, all you need to do is join and you will be accepted.

Sing a Broken Song is a different kind of community. Here you can speak out. Post poems, stories, playlists, layouts, banners, pictures and talk to people like you. Make friends here, intelligent people with a soft spot for the written word, people who have, in one way or another been broken or torn, or have been happy, are happy, love life, want to love life. This could be anything from an eating disorder or drug problem, to being abused or struggling with self injury, to losing something, to being sad, to loving something or climbing a mountain, getting through a tough time, or anything really. Please note that this is not a pro-ed or si community.

This is a place to talk, to share your dreams, to share your ideas, every little thought in your head. This is a place for dreamers, and not for the faint at heart. For people who appreciate others, but have their own opinions. People who want to be heard. Music lovers. Poetry lovers. Book lovers, Lovers. Pot smokers, shroomers. Dancers. Riders. Whisperers, Screamers. Whatever. For people who are trying to live.

Carpe Diem.

Please make ALL posts friends only.

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